Valentine’s day gifts

Hello, it’s me! (No, not Adele, Luísa.)

It’s February: the month of love. Also the month of Carnival, but mainly the month where we celebrate love and spend all the money we have buying presents for our beloved boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s day.

Personally, I both love and hate this day – I love it when I have a boyfriend, I hate it when I don’t. 😉

So, Valentine’s day is tomorrow and if you don’t know what you’re going to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with yet, I have some ideas that I found on Pinterest to show you. Let’s see.

For him ❤




For her ❤





For him and her ❤

♠ Food lovers




♠ Funny gifts

♠ Things that never go wrong: take him/her to dinner at a romantic restaurant, give her flowers, visit some places where you went together and lived special moments, etc.

Did you know…?

… In USA 189 million flowers are sold on Valentine’s day each year
… 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold on this day
… Every 14th February, Verona (Italy) receives about 1000 letters addressed to Juliet
… There are over 220000 wedding proposals on Valentine’s day each year

So what do you think about these ideas? Amazing, aren’t they? Have you already chosen what you’re going to give your girlfriend/boyfriend this year? You don’t have much time to decide.

Never forget that the most important thing is to let your boyfriend/girlfriend know how much you love and appreciate him/her. That’s what true love is about.

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See you next week.

Luísa ❤


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