Make Up À La Carte – Reviews

Hey’all! How are you? 😉 Today is make up day, more known as my favourite days. Make up is something that I’ve been enjoying more and more and somehow I’m starting to understand better my face (this seems awkward ups) and what suits me better. Somehow eyeshadows are sexier than eyeliner on me? Little miracles that my face can do. Either way, let’s skip this small talk and start talking about these 4 products!

Essence Matt Touch Blush 10peach me up!: This little guy is my currently on-the-go blush. It’s a gorgeous shade more on the orange and brown side so it definitely feels natural on my skin. It also stays for long and it doesn’t feel cakey which is kind of a miracle since it’s a matt blush. Worth checking it out if you’re like me – a sucker for blushes yet greedy about spending loads of money in one!

Rimmel Volume Mascara Flash x10 : What a disappointment. This mascara does what it says- it gives volume. But the way it gives is just so tacky, I’m not sure if I can even describe it properly! The black in this mascara is way too strong and the brush makes them look like spider webs or something like that. It just doesn’t look natural or sexy, a ‘way too much’ mascara.

Sephora Velvet Eyeshadow Waterproof 04 Pink Feather: Absolutely in love with this eyeshadow! You don’t need a brush to apply it, in fact, if you use you’ll lose all the glitter that it has (it’s not a ‘in your face’ glitter at all). You can also work with it and make layers with this shade – I usually use it as a pink glitter-ish but it you apply more layers it will become pure baby pink. It stays all day and the formula is super easy to work with. Loving this product and recommend it to everyone!

H&M The New Noir Body Mist: This little bottle contains my so far favourite fragrance. The smell is Turkish Rose and Sandalwood – no, I have no clue how they smell separately but together they do make miracles. It’s a strong scent with some sexyness and independency into it? It’s not a floral fragrance or a girly one at all. It does require some strong personality to use it! It’s not everyone’s taste either but I love it and I wish they would make this into a perfume. As a body mist, I’ll be honest here – I haven’t even used it once in my body, I just spray it as a perfume. The truth is that the scent is so strong (in a good way) that stays in your clothes 😉



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