Travel- 4 Not-So-Famous-Places to Visit

What’s up painters, welcome back to yet another post! Today I would like to talk about 4 places that me, you, our moms and that dude behind you should visit. These are not my I WANNA GO THERE SO MUCH BEFORE I DIE places but instead they are exotic places that I would never remember of traveling to.


  • Botswana: Yep that’s right, this list begins with a really exotic destination and before you ask ”how does Luís know about this place?” I should tell you that I did a lot of research for this post. So, why Botswana? Because it is one of Africa’s less known and less corrupt places to be. It consists of two really diferent places: desert and delta, where both of these habitats attract an immense quantity of wildlife and natural (and even harsh) beauty. Most of this country is dedicated to natural parks to preserve nature that you can visit. And the best part? It IS a easy country to get to (car, plane and canoe even!) and very family friendly. Do safaris, ride horses, ride in canoes and do car pools to outside parties (clubs close at 2 a.m so it’s kind of tradition to share cars and attend to makeshift parties). Whatever you do, you probably won’t regret it!


  • Greenland: So, apart of the tipical ”it’s called Greenland but it’s covered in snow” joke, this ”country” (not really a country but let’s refer to it as such) has some interesting ways of making you relax. First of all, it has a bad coverage so cellphones are not that usable – this is a positive change if we compare it to the rest of the busy world. You could spend your time by watching the Northern lights in the sky, riding a dogsled through the tundra, sailing among friendly whales and experience the world’s most amazing iceberg watching adventure! If you are not yet convinced then how about this: in 2016 Greenland will host the Artic  Winter Games where you will be able to see some really interesting sports!


  • Uruguay: This small country when compared to Brazil and Argentina seems to be really shy and low-key but don’t let that fool you! Not only is one of the most peaceful countries in South America as it is one of the most friendly and welcoming. Its towns and cities have two big advantages: they are small enough for a tourist to find his way but they are big enough to show off their great architecture heritage. This country is also filled with experiences that not many countries can provide, from the amazing beaches to the cowboy ranches where you can stay for a while AND the small surfer towns where you can relax on lonely beaches. Also,I could never leave a report about Uruguay without saying that you can find a lot of old school portuguese buildings that are beautiful!


  • Lastly but not least, Fiji! Fiji is an autentic tropical paradise. Beaches everywhere, clear and calm water to relax, music and parties everywhere! Besides all this. there is also a very cool thing that I would love to do: diving. The sea surrounding Fiji is beatiful and it provides an amazing diving experience with the coral reef and the Somosomo Straight!

This is it for today but before I go I must tell you one more thing: you can only say that you visited a place when you learned a bit of their language and costumes, eaten their traditional food and experienced at least one of their festivals! Hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you next week!

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