Beauty tips for the lazy!

Hello! Today’s Monday which means we’re starting a fresh week, so it’s time to focus and be productive. In my case, my classes start this week so I’m trying to have my shit together and get ready for another semester of college.

Yet, as much as Mondays call for productiveness, today’s post is all about laziness (because that’s part of life too, right?). So here go a few beauty tips that are perfect for lazy people and to make your daily life easier.


Did you know you can use mascara as eyeliner? All you need is a liner/angled brush.

 Washing your teeth and notice your lips are chapped an in need of exfoliation? While you’re at it, scrub them with the toothbrush.


 Contouring and highlighting don’t have to be super complicated: follow the “3” rule as shown above.

A good way to save money: high-end mascaras can be really expensive, so whenever you finish one save the wand, clean it and use it with a cheaper mascara. Sure the formula will be different but the wand is the same.


If you don’t feel like re-applying your lipstick countless times throughout the day, make it last longer by holding a tissue over your lips and dust some translucent powder.

No time to wash your hair and out of dry shampoo? Use baby powder or – an ingredient you probably have in your kitchen – cornstarch.


 If you always struggle with applying eyeliner you might want to get a makeup remover pen to easily erase your mistakes (like this super cheap one from Elf).

The foundation you bought is too dark for you skin tone and you don’t feel like re-purchasing? Add a bit of moisturizer to lighten it.

If you’re like me and wear contacts, good news because you can save your drying mascara by adding in a bit of contact solution.


Multi-tasking is key! Find products you can use 2-in-1 as blush and lipstick (YSL Kiss & Blush). Also BB creams with SPF are great 3-in-1’s.

After a night-out you can’t even bother to think about removing your makeup or going through your whole skin rotine. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Keep some makeup wipes by your bed stand and that way you’ll have no excuses.

If you want a glamorous look but you don’t have much time, play up just one facial feature – go for plain eyes and bold lips or the opposite! Inspiration above.

 Maximise your time when conditioning your hair. How? Slather some coconut oil, put your hair up in a knot and go do your housework, study, etc. Then later undo your hair, wash it out and enjoy the softness.


The ultimate lazy eye-makeup trick! Line your eyes and curl your lashes at the same time. I’ve never tried it personally but sounds promising.

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