(Really) Easy Valentine’s Day Manicure

Hey there my sweetheart, how are you all doing? First of all, I want to apologize for my photoraphs – the quality sucks. I don’t know if it’s the luminosity but I wasn’t able to take a good pic at all! You’ll have to bear with it, sorry! Either way, I’ll explain this manicure step by step so you guys can follow it properly.

If you’re an old Painter, you’ll probably know that I suck at painting my nails. Somehow I never have the patience to do so and my hands tremble too much. Adding to the pile of ‘why I suck painting my nails’, I have a coordination problem – that’s why I keep falling everywhere (and I literally mean everywhere) and my hands just don’t like to cooperate with me. With all of these issues I think you guys can understand why you’ll never have a proper Pinterest style manicure on my posts! So if you’re like me, well, welcome and I hope you enjoy staying here!  Let’s start then 😉

1- Start by painting your nails with the colour of love a.k.a. red. I picked up one from Kiko that can be described as the perfect red – it doesn’t go for the pink nor the brown side. Just pure red basically (duh). Your middle finger will have a different colour though; I picked up Wrapped Around My Finger by Catrice and it’s a not-on-your-face fuschia.

2-Next use a dotting tool (Sofia made a DIY about how to make one!) and create little hearts in the center of your index, middle, ring and little fingers. For this step, I used a white nail polish.

3- Now to the middle finger – create some dots with the red you’ve used to paint your other nails! Basically this nails will be in a different colour, it will have a heart just like the others and some fun polka dot.

4- There’s only one nail missing – the thumb one. Since it doesn’t have a heart, just make the same polka dot pattern but with the fuschia nail polish. Mixing patterns and colours!

5- The final step – seal it with a fortifying fast dry top coat 😉


That is all for today Painters! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and have a lovely Sunday near the people you care about!




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