The Bookclub – February

Hello everyone, I am back! 😉
Welcome to February’s bookclub! We have amazing books to show you today.


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I read this book last month but I couldn’t get it out of my mind yet. Gillian Flynn is known for “Gone Girl” (Ângela wrote about it in July). As this book was a success, I decided to read more of this author. Santa Claus gave me this one, “Sharp Objects” and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop.
Well, this book is… I don’t even know what to say. It is compleeetely insane. All the characters are so crazy, they all do things during the book that I can’t still forget. It seems so surreal; violence and self-harm are some of the topics developed in this book, so it just makes the book even more interesting (I like these subjects :p). You really show read it to see what I’m talking about.



Looks like February is back, painters – the month of love! That means it’s going to be Valentine’s Day soon and, like last year, I wanted to bring you a very romantic read. “Anna and the French Kiss” is a light book to fill your head with sweet ideas! I can’t say that it is super complex or that it doesn’t touch on some of the usual cliches, but after all… It’s a teenage romance set in Paris, with lots of savory food descriptions! What more could we ask for on Valentine’s Day? Stephanie Perkins did a great job making my heart race and remembering those teenage crushes. Will you let her be your Valentine this year? 😉



My pick for February are George R.R. Martin’s books. I’m currently finishing his second book and I cannot describe (at least in english!) how much I’m enjoying it. These books are easy to read like chick lit, they need more concentration since the story is full of details. If you enjoy the television series how much I do, it’s worth the shot. I won’t be finishing the book series because the story changes as you guys might know but the first books are quite a fun. Worth checking it up if you’re into swords and dragons!

What about you? Have you ever read any of these books? Comment below and let me know your opinion. They all seem so interesting, don’t you think?

Luísa ❤


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