Small Discussion – Lying and Secrets

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I would like to talk about some recent life leasons which, long story short, is to keep secrets to your loved ones but never lie. I feel like this type of discussion is always helpful and it is interesting (or at least I think so!).

*Keeping secrets is bad (duh). You should be able to tell pretty much everything about yourself to the people you trust without any worry. But sometimes that is not the case and when it is one of those times, then there is a really good solution: don’t talk about it. There is no need to give them hints them about anything or to make them feel anxious and specially no need to lie to them. Just talk when you feel ready.

You see, it’s not that you don’t trust them, it is just that you don’t trust yourself enough about something, and that is ok-ish. Give yourself time, try to sort things out in your head. Sometimes we do it because we don’t want to hurt our loved one but do you know what’s worse? Lying about that. By lying, you are breaking their confidence and, well, that’s definitely worse.

*Everyone has their privacy and their right to hide their past. It really depends on what you want to talk about with someone but if you don’t feel like it, it’s okay to keep it as a secret as long as it doesn’t afect someone – at least I think like that! Even though I do that quite often, telling what you feel or what you’ve been through in the past will make your friendship more solid. Should you tell yours? Yes I think so. Should any of you lie? Only if you are preparing a surprise party.

That is all for today, guys! I know this might seem a random topic but I thought it would be nice to share with you my opinion about drawing the line between keeping secrets and lying. This is quite a tricky thing but it’s important, right? Hope that you guys enjoyed this post, it was a throwback to the old Summing Up and I’ll try to do more in the future.

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