Surprise! 2016 Free Printable Calendar

Oh my, hello again, dear painters!

Why am I back today? Well, we have a surprise post for you: a free printable calendar for 2016! It doesn’t include January because, unfortunately, you wouldn’t have gotten that much use out of that one, so it starts with February. Each month features a different color scheme, so I hope you’ll enjoy brightening up your office or room with these little cuties.

I’ve also included some smaller boxes at the end of each sheet, so you can write a few goals, memories, important tasks and notes, as well as keep track of your budget. Having these things right in front of you during the month might help to keep them in mind.

Here’s the file: 2016 calendar.

What do you think? Cute design? 😉 Don’t forget to let us know if you use it, and go ahead and share it on Pinterest!

Have a great month, everyone, and stay awesome,



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