My favorite things right now!

Hello guys and happy February. It’s been a couple of months since I last talked about my Current Favorites so I figured it was about time to update today. So here go a few things that I’ve been loving recently!

Sem Título

#1 I’ve been liking neutral nail polishes like beige, baby pink, etc. They’re fresh and natural-looking and I don’t get tired of them as quickly like I would with brighter colors.

#2 Even though it’s Winter I’ve been ignoring all my boots and favoring sneakers. I just love how casual, comfy and easy to style they are to the point that even if it’s raining I’m probably going to wear them anyways! 😛

#3 Another fashion favorite is vests. This season I’ve been into outerwear in general and vests particularly are great to warm up any outfit.

#4 So I signed up to Netflix and I’ve been finally catching up on tv shows that I’ve wanted to watch for ages – like How To Get Away With Murder (Viola Davis is everything!) and Orange Is The New Black (I know, I’m super late). Also movies like The Truman Show (loved it so much). What others do you recommend?

#5 A technology favorite: my waterproof speaker. You connect it to your phone/computer via bluetooth, stick it in your shower using the suction cup and there you have it, you can jam out to your favorite songs while you’re showering. It changes your life.

#6 And speaking of music, I’ve been loving Bryson Tiller’s album Trapsoul and the new Kanye and Kendrick Lamar collaboration No More Parties in LA. Also 3 artists that I found recently: Tink, Kwamie Liv and NAO. These girls are amazing and I’m definitely gonna listen to more of them!

#7 I downloaded an app called Sleep Cycle that is supposed to make the process of waking up easier (I recommend searching it up if you’re curious). I haven’t tested it out a lot yet so I’m not 100% sure yet that it works and it’s not more of a placebo thing, but if it does work out then it will be a life-saver to me as I really struggle with waking up!

#8 I signed up to the gym a couple weeks ago so I had to include working out as a favorite – I’m not very good at it (I’m not a sporty person at all) but I’m learning to be more motivated and just do it!

Have a nice week and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @pmymagazine and on Pinterest @pmymag 🙂

Marta xx


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