5 Steps for a Weekend Spa

Hello everyone and happy fri-yay! I know, I know, I’m always over the top. I’m here to talk to you all about what I love the most – pampering.  I have no problem to admit that I love to indulge myself, I find that healthy and important for our self-esteem. For me, Friday is all about winding down after one busy week and gearing up for the next one (although I’m currently on holidays but hey I also have some stressful days!). The following days are basically lazy days full of brunching,reading and beauty sessions – during which my bathroom comes to resemble something a little more spa-like. Here’s my five-step guide to turning your evenings into a treat for yourself without ruining your savings!


Before starting your pamper, you need to make your home feel like a spa, which isn’t that impossible! You need to master your senses as in to make them relax – if your mind is at peace, your body will follow it. In order to create a haven of tranquility. Fill your bedroom and bathroom with gentle lighting (candles!). Prefer candles with relaxing scents, like flowers or cotton. When it comes to decor, think of everything that makes you feel confy – cushions and throws, bathrobe and fresh flowers,right? Also, if you want to relax (even) more, why not drinking a cup of tea? I hate tea but I do feel like it may work!


Whether you’re bathing or showering, the difference between an everyday wash and a Sunday bask is time. Add some extra minutes to your wash and use the products that you don’t normally use daily. Swap your standard shower gel for something a little more luxe, take the time to exfoliate and all that jazz. Just use all those products that you love but you always say ‘I’ll use later’ – bath bombs, oils, salts, and bubbles!


On a weekday our post-bath/shower experience resembles little more than a scramble to be dried and clothed, ASAP. But you know what means washing during the weekend a.k.a. ‘the days of resting’? It means you have permission to go free reign on all of those  goodies that you love. Hair masks, body oils, lotions, hand creams,the time is now, right? If you go to a spa, you want to feel soft and to smell good so just go with it and indulge yourself.


What would a spa-day be without a facial? A  deep cleanse does wonders for the skin and during the weekend your have plenty of time to treat yourself with your favourite skincare products. Also, add some extra steps that you may not make during the week, like exfoliate or a deeper cleanse with a mask. Also, don’t forget to use some serum or oil, it will be relaxing, specially if you try (I’ll probably won’t succeed) to massage your face.


After all these steps, here’s the most important part- do whatever it takes for YOU to max out your zen levels and well and truly relax. Don’t think about those lists you’ve made or about the laundry or about the dishes; basically, don’t think about anything at all, only about yourself and the things that make you happy!

And that is all for today Painters! I’ll definitely do this during the weekend and I hope you’ll do it as well 😉 Comment down bellow what are you going to do during the weekend and see you on Sunday!




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