Must watch movies in 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I would like to share with you my ever growing list of movies that I MUST WATCH in 2016! Let’s start:

  • Suicide squad: A movie featuring The Joker, Harley Quinn and other baddies from Batman? I think this is a movie that everyone should watch.
  • Deadpool: The immortal ”hero” that also happens to be a funny scumbag, this movie promises a lot of laughs and action
  • Batman vs Superman and Captain America: civil war. I don’t like either Superman or Capt. America but I am really curious to find out why all of these heroes are fighting.
  • X-men: Apocalypse. I never watched a whole lot of X-Men but dammit I love every movie I watched.
  • Star-wars: Rogue one: A spin-off of the Star wars series, I don’t know what to expect but my hopes are really high for this one.
  • Dirty grandpa: After High School Musical, Zac Efron decides that he should pass some time with his grandpa. Just kidding,this isn’t the story behind this movie but that won’t stop me of singing all the musics I remember from the Disney classic.
  • Zootopia: Yet another movie full of talking animals. The catch? the animals live in a huge city. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet then I really recommend you too.
  • Warcraft: Although I don’t play WoW as much as before I still love the lore behind the franchise and this movie promises a lot of it.

So this is all from me! Sorry for not posting a detailed synopse  of any of these movies but this is all I know about them/this is a huge list! Recently I adopted an approach of ”not finding out a lot about anything that I want to see” – that way I will keep most of the surprise once I watch the movie! Hope you guys enjoyed!

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