Let’s Talk Decoration

Once upon a time, I wanted to be an interior designer.

Of course, this was mostly due to too many People+Arts (or the now TLC) shows about decoration, like While You Were Out or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I was 9 or 10 at the time, so I can’t say I was making the most realistic life decisions. But, to this day, I find decoration something really fun and creative. It’s always nice to feel like you can express yourself!

So I thought maybe we can talk about some tips and I can show how I’ve decorated my desk. There’s always a bit of DIY going on in my life, so don’t be shy to ask about those 😉

Work with what you’ve got

This would be tip numero uno! I mean, why surround yourself with stereotypical things other people can buy too? If you really like them, go for it, but if you have little objects that bring up nice memories, don’t just stuff them in a box. Put them on display all around you and you’ll feel far more inspired and at home. Plus, save some dollars!

For example, in these pictures you can see a few presents, a geode I won in a contest, a Christmas postcard I got and, of course, several DIY’s. Not to mention books! Books make gorgeous decoration – take advantage of your intellectual side!

Go for a color scheme

I can’t say I did that wonderfully on my desk, but I do like colorful far better as a color scheme. It’s a personality thing! But having some matching tones can help you to feel like you’re not drowning in mismatched decoration. Pick a major color, work with accents in a complementary color, but do not be afraid to add pops of other tones. Patterns and textures are also needed, they add dimension! In the end, just go with what feels right for you and your space.

Blue, green and polka dots. I think it works.

Printables are your friends!

Printables are wonderful, because you get to trade them out whenever you feel like it and have a refreshed space so quickly! You can get some you love (there are a lot of free resources out there) or even personalize them. You can go for quotes that are meaningful to you, things to get you inspired, or just really sweet art that works well in your space. Just figure out a cute way to display them and you’re set!

Here, I used an old CD case, with the front turned inside out. Then I just put the printable in it, ta-da!

Functionality vs. decoration

You can take a decoration item and make it functional, or spruce up an already functional object. The fact is, it’s not one or the other! Even things you do use, like washi tape or pencils, can be very decorative. You just have to display them – for instance, in a transparent bowl or a colorful pen holder – and they’ll always be right at hand for you to use. Trays – even DIY ones, like mine – can also have that double use, since they can be both a decor item, while organizing several of your smaller items (like office supplies, in my case).

Isn’t that a gorgeous book cover?!

Give your knickknacks a buddy!

You see those little cuties paired up with each other? Sometimes it works best to arrange those tiny pieces in groups of 2 or 3, in different sizes, but colors that go together. Try a bigger piece, then two smaller ones arranged in a little triangle. It can work better than scattering tiny items, and gives them a better chance of getting noticed. It’s called teamwork!

Show off your interests

See my tiny Harry Potter nook? I just took those little Lego dolls and didn’t hesitate to display them on my desk. It’s something I love and want to remember on a daily basis, because of all the positive energy and memories it brings me. I’m a 20 year-old girl with Lego dolls on my desk – and I love them! Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Bonus points for the pocket-watch and the paper stars, I feel like they fit the magical theme!

Don’t be afraid to look eccentric

Sometimes a little eclectic can be better than a lot of matched items, you know? Don’t try to be too matchy-matchy, but make sure to please your own taste instead of others! That windmill up on my desk? Probably looks kind of eccentric. Did I care? Not at all: I stacked some of my smaller books horizontally and propped it up so it would stand out even more. I love how unique and different it looks, plus I do love windmills – they remind me of freedom and nature!

Because it’s all about character, personality and taste. Don’t just go for those generic trends that look oh-so-cute on everyone else’s desk. Use the ones you like and incorporate them with your other interests. Make it all about you! And feel free to show off your decoration skills in the comments below 😉

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