It’s all about the details

Hello and welcome to another week! How’s everyone doing? Today we’re focusing on the details here on the blog. They can not only make or break an outfit but ultimately help determine your style. Here are my favorites of the moment:

Turtle neck | I used to wear turtle necks a lot as a kid and then a few years later I started to completely loathe them. Now I’m into them again, they’re such a Winter classic. High necks don’t have to look frumpy, not at all! – they can look elegant and are super useful when it’s really cold.

Chunky scarf | Another Winter must-have that I can never go without. I especially love the really big, chunky ones that could totally pass as blankets as well (2 in 1?!); you can find them in every store and from different price points. They bring a bit of pattern, softness and warmth to any outfit and are great to achieve the layered look.

Skinny scarf | If the chunky scarf is too much for you or too warm for the weather you’re in, go for the skinny option. I’ve seen loads of people wearing it and I think it looks pretty stylish when worn right (I like it both casually and with cocktail dresses, and they remind me of Kate Moss’s style). Would you wear it?

Double buckle belt | Why have a single buckle belt when you can have two? Well, I don’t know what it is about this belt but I’m tempted to order it online, I love it!

Lace bralette | They’re lovely and a nice alternative to regular bras, especially to add some detailing under see-through tank tops or oversized sweaters.


What are your favorite details to complete an outfit?

Lots of love, everyone xx

Marta | Instagram: @pmymagazine ; Pinterest: @pmymag


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