Money Control? Use Kakebo

Hello all of you, my dear Painters! How are you all doing? Today I decided to bring a rather useful post that might help you – it doesn’t matter if you’re a student or worker, if you live alone or with your parents…I find it extremely useful and easy for everyone. I’m talking about Kakebo, a notebook where you can add all your expenses. I thought I didn’t need to buy one of these since I could just make a record in any notebook. Yup, I was wrong. Kakebo is more than a normal notebook where you simply add those records. It’s sort of complex and you have to commit.

  • You payed for it – I know this might sound ‘so what’ but trust me, once you’ve payed for the notebook, you’ll start using it. Mine was 7€ but their normal price is 15€ whereas an ordinary notebook is extremely cheap. I don’t know about you guys but spending 15€ in something and not using it does bother me. This was the main reason why I bought it – I knew I would make myself use it!


  • It’s well organized – You can trust me on this: Kakebo is the most organized money control notebook I’ve ever seen. You have to write down your daily expenses, which are divided into categories such as Culture, Survival (it literally says that) or Extras. At the end of each page, you have to sum up the expenses inside of those categories and write how much you spent on that week. It’s an important step because you’ll be able to see where you spend most of your money in. Most of my money is spent on Survival and Extras (sad but true!).


  • You have to make some monthly goals – You’ll feel so ashamed of yourself if you spend 30 days ignoring your written goals and then, once the month is finished, you have to read and comment them! Before the month starts, you have to write how much money you want to save and some goals for the month. Some of my goals were Drink Less Coffee and Eat Fast Food Less Often.


  • It becomes a habit – Lastly, it will become a habit. Everyday I check up my agenda and my Kakebo. It’s a 5minute step that makes me feel more organized and less panicked, since I do struggle with these issues. If I forget something or lose track of my bank account… Let’s just say that I won’t sleep well during the following days! Kakebo has really helped me on that.


That is all for today, Painters! I hope this was a helpful post for some of you that might have a tight budget or simply want to know better your consumer life – where do you spend most of your money? Which months are the ones you spend more? This little notebook will help a lot. I did feel some difference once I’ve started using it because the apps weren’t just enough – I instantly forgot I had them whereas Kakebo I haven’t forgot him at all.

xx and have a lovely Fri-yay!



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