Relaxing Thoughts II: Making Healthy Decisions

Hello, painters! Today, we’re going to keep talking about taking time to relax. But this time, we will be a bit more demanding with ourselves and ask: what do I need?

This is extremely important, in the sense that no one else can tell you what you need. Only you can find that out and, specially, take action so that you end up getting what you need. This is where healthy decisions come in. After knowing what you need, you have to make that decision to get there. And it’s so much easier to feel happy and relaxed when you trust yourself to make healthy decisions. One thing is certain: no one else will make them for you.


Okay, maybe you’re not a big fan of sports. Trust me, me neither! I absolutely hated sports all through basic school – and they hated me back. But now, I take a class every week and it’s already a habit! It really helped me get in shape, have more energy and increase my self-esteem. Plus, I now love my workout wear ūüėČ

I chose a class because I know that, if I have the responsibility to be there at X hour, I will be. Plus, I need motivation to push myself and that comes with a teacher and classmates. But maybe you are better off having a flexible schedule and doing your own thing. Figure it out and go for it! It’s not always easy or exciting, but you know you are making a good decision for your health and self-esteem.

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Eat Healthy

This is another tricky one, but the secret is in not forbidding yourself. You need to think about the “rule” of what you are eating – that means, making sure that what you eat is usually healthy, nutritious, and in good proportion (not too much, but not too little either). Make sure you eat vegetables or soup, fruit and drink lots of water! Brown bread is also better than white bread, I’ve recently realized. Try it!

I know we always hear these things, but they are really true and we tend to ignore them. What matters is that you make it your habit to eat healthy, and then the “exception” is for your treats! So you are still eating the things you love (like pizza, chocolate, awesome desserts…), but what you’re eating¬†most¬†are¬†things that are healthy for you.


Stick to the schedule

This could just be called: don’t procrastinate! Although we all know how hard that really is. So definitely be sure to schedule in lots of breaks – it’s the only¬†way to be productive. About things other than studying, sometimes it’s easy to have a plan to go out¬†and do something, and then just stay on the Internet and not do it. Remind yourself how good it feels to go out and have different experiences, instead of always staying in. That said, your needs are your needs and you should know them better than anyone else!


But here’s the thing: it’s way easier to relax after realizing you have done what you needed to do. Don’t ask too much of yourself (e.g., studying 24/7), but get things done! Feeling accomplished is a great relaxation tool ūüėČ


Don’t guilt trip yourself!

Picking up on what I¬†just said, you shouldn’t be asking too much of yourself and then kicking¬†yourself for not meeting impossible standards. You need to know what you can and cannot accomplish in a day, your needs and your boundaries.


Guilt tripping yourself for not being a perfect human being is a slippery slope and can end up leaving you filled with anxiety, low self-esteem, sadness and depressive feelings. And well, that is definitely not a healthy state of mind, much less a productive one! Remember why you decided on certain things (e.g., why you chose to watch a TV show instead of pulling 2 extra hours of work last night) and trust that you made the best decision for yourself at that moment. If you made a mistake, forgive yourself.

Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others.

Know yourself

This whole post could be summed up in that phrase. Okay, it’s far more complex than what it seems, but knowing yourself is a never-ending adventure – and a very big necessity if you want to challenge yourself and grow. I’m going to leave you with a Laci Green video about self care, what it is and how to do it!

I hope this post helps you find new ways to feel relaxed and keep a positive mind about yourself – I’ve certainly been struggling myself with that lately. Let us know about your healthy habits in the comments!

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