5 useful sites & apps to check out

Hey guys! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Here are 5 sites and apps that are pretty useful (and free) and that I totally recommend. If you’ve never heard of them before then definitely check them out and enjoy!

Momentum dashboard

This is a Google Chrome app that I discovered a few months ago and my #1 favorite. Basically it replaces the “new tab” page of your browser with an inspiring dashboard – featuring a stunning photograph that changes every day; the time; a todo list you can fill in + your main goal for the day; a quote and the weather.


Feedly was my saviour a few years ago when Google decided to end Google Reader. It’s a RSS/blogs/news reader and both a site & app. It makes it easy to follow blogs or anything on the internet, really. You can organise the content you’re following in categories, so you have everything that interests you in a single place and looking good.

Bands in town

For the music fans out there, this in an app for iOS and Android that allows you to keep track of the concerts happening around you. You choose your location and the app scans your music libraries for your favorite artists, while also recommending similar ones you might like. You can buy tickets, RSVP the concerts you’re going to and see which ones your friends are up to.


If you’re in school or college let me tell you that this is a studying tool you probably need in your life. You can make your own digital flashcards – great to save paper and time – and then test yourself (which is what I use it for and it’s seriously effective), share them with colleagues or even search for other people’s study sets for a certain topic or subject.


Finally, this is a fun one and a more creative, better-looking alternative to Spotify. 8tracks is a good way to listen to music that matches your mood or whatever you’re doing (working out, studying, chilling…) and create your own playlists, with artwork and all. And then share them with the world of course!

I’ll see you next week! x

Marta | Pinterest: @pmymag – Instagram: @pmymagazine


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