OOTD -Twin Sisters

Yeap, you’re guessing it – TGIF! Today’s outfit day and I really thought about this one. I decided I wanted to make something like a duo really – somewhere between street clothing and fancy appearance. Confusing, right? To achieve this irreverent style, I got my WOW beanie and a pair of black troop boots and to get the classy part, there’s nothing like a corduroy trench coat and a wool blouse. At first, I wasn’t completely convinced but then I saw how versatile it can be. It just depends of your daily activities – well, since I just study and drink hot chocolate… I find it an easy style 😉

I’ve been also trying to work on these mixes because I think that no one is just a ‘type of style’. The way we dress up reflects who we are and who we are… reflects what we tend to pick in the mornings, right? I can go from totally rock girl to glitter and high heels in a blink of an eye. At first and specially during adolescence this was just a huge mess to me – I couldn’t identify myself. Everyone has its way to be themselves. Some through music, others through books… I find my identity in fashion. And now I can just accept who I am through the clothes I wear and show how I feel thanks to them as well.


Well, this got a little profound over here! Still, I hope all you enjoy this look. I also hope it inspires you to dress up the way you like, without belonging to any ‘fashion tribe’. Be your own type of tribe,okay? 😉

Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you all on Sunday!



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