Series Worth Watching During 2016

What’s up painters, Luís here again! Today I would like to give you my personal opinion about which series are worth to continue watching during 2016. Some of these are older series that are coming back with new seasons and others are completely new. Let’s jump right into it!

 Game of Thrones

The cliche series that everyone talks about in these kind of posts but what can you do? It’s a good show (may not suit your sex and blood interest but it’s still a nice story) that right now is pretty much of everyone’s interest. George R.R.Martin failed to deliever the new book of the saga again so a lot of fans are turning to the show because at least that one won’t take 20+ years to finish (mean but true!).

The Walking Dead

I’ll be honest with you, all I know about this show is that it has zombies, an asian dude, a kid and the crossbow man (not much but I warned!). However, that is also the reason that makes me want to watch the show. All my friends love it and it’s a shame that I can’t say more than ”uhh” and ”yep” whenever I try to participate in a conversation about this with them. Also, we now have Fear of the Walking Dead, which is just great for fans that want to have extra material for their fandom-pedia.


Now THIS is a show that I will never miss. I was too young to watch the original series (and the music scares me, send help); also, I am too lazy to search for it. So what I will do is pray that the brand new reboot is as good as the original and watch a lot of it.


A brand new cartoon that will air on Fox and that is created by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy. It talks about two families that live in a town that’s on the border between the U.S.A and México and I think that it is enough to promise a really good and funny show!


This is all for today and I hope that you guys enjoyed it! Tell us which shows you want to watch!

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Cya soon!


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