The next season colour – Yellow

Hey, painters! How are you doing?

Yellow! Today is all about yellow! As you know stores all over the world are a bit confuse. On the one hand, there are amazing sales and clothes from the fall/winter 2015 season are now with great prizes.
On the other hand, the brand new season is arriving – spring/summer 2016 collection. We are already feeling the new season. Thin shirts, short skirts, colour, flower patterns, t-shirts, shorts, white, short dresses and YELLOW.

Our blog colour is definitely THE next season COLOUR! How exciting could that be? Yellow, yellow, yellow. Full yellow, yellow on yellow, yellow and white, yellow and black, yellow and blue, grey. This season this colour can’t be out of your closet.
So, here is some tips to live, dress, think and do yellow.

Yellow is not just a colour, is a concept, a life style:

Yellow is a MEN COLOUR.
 On male clothing:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Extra tips: Yellow works when it takes the centre stage of your look or even when it’s just some notes or splashes of it on your outfits!

On male accessories:

Yellow is also a WOMEN COLOUR:
On female clothing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On female accessories:

Further tips: You can get yellow inspiration on celebrities, magazines, networks, street style and on the whole fashion world.


The world is yellow! The fashion is yellow! We are yellow and our blog is yellow! And luckily, the new season took this colour as inspiration for the spring/summer clothing! Yellow is the new black. So think yellow in this following hot season.

We get back on saturday with further fashion tips. On saturday we will be helping with the other half of the stores – THE AMAZING SALES! Until there, be sassy, be you, be yellow!

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