Relaxing Thoughts I: Pamper Yourself

Bonjour, painters!

Is exam season striking you hard or are you not even taking exams? Well, with 3 assignments turned in this past week, as well as two exams under my belt and one to face tomorrow, I have to say this is not an easy semester for me! Whatever you’re going through right now, the fact is sometimes you just have to take care of yourself. Go on, you deserve it 😉

So here are some suggestions to help you get that Pamper Time you’ve been needing. The point is: surround yourself with things you love.


Surround yourself with nice smelling things, like candles, body lotions, hand creams and such. I’ve had a chocolate scented candle for most of this semester, and it helped me to feel that special comfort while studying or doing assignments.


Sip on your favorite drink! Maybe if it’s coffee, like mine, you don’t want to sip all the time (it definitely worsens your anxiety). Find another drink that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and go for it every once in a while. Tea’s a great and healthy choice, but hot cocoa wins my heart.


TV shows can be so powerful, they tell us other people’s stories and allow us to take a break from our own. They can be just the break that you need! I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls, that show makes me feel so happy and cozy. An episode a day keeps the doctor away!

Rory has her priorities in check.


Of course we couldn’t leave music behind! It can help you feel more activated, awaken and productive, as well as making you feel more relaxed and optimistic. Music is extremely powerful! Go for your favorite songs and don’t forget to dance every once in a while 😉 I’ve been listening to some Indie Folk, super relaxing. Check out Oh Wonder and The Paper Kites for different kinds of Indie to go along with your study session.


If it’s winter where you live, warm blankets, fuzzy pj’s, woolen socks and knit sweaters are a must! If it’s summer, go for those colder showers and drinks and that outfit that makes you feel spectacular! Your favorite clothes can help boost up your confidence and their something familiar to rely on. Do you!

… And doing your favorite things!

Just do something you love everyday! I’ve been knitting and painting, and haven’t forgotten my favorite activities outside of college (sports and choir). Studying can be important, but taking some time for yourself and other areas of your life is vital for your sense of self! Maybe you do need to cut back on those so you can get your studying done, but you putting your life on hold altogether can do some damage. That said, it’s all up to your needs and preferences, and what you feel is better for the demands you’re facing. Do you!x2

As they often say on the internets: “Treat yo’self”! You’ve earned it.


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