Portuguese music – fado

Hello, dear painters!

Today we are going to present you to a portuguese music genre, FADO.

Fado is our soul, is part of our people, our tradition and our culture. Fado is pain, love and missing. Fado is destiny and divinity. Fado is music, fado is art. Fado is saudade. Fado is darkness, intensity, dumbness, mystery and blackness. Fado is sea, is ocean, is tide. Fado is sailor, is Portugal. Fado is cry, is mother, is sun. Fado is lover. Fado is loneliness. Fado is blood. Fado is history.

These are some of the best portuguese singers. They are known worldwide for the way they sing and interpret fado.

¯ Ana Moura

¯ Mariza

 ¯ Camané

¯ Carminho

¯ Amália

We saved the best for last. Amália Rodrigues was the most important fado singer in Portugal. Known as the Queen of Fado, she was an inspiration for other artists such as the ones above and many others.

Did you know…?

Fado was recognised by the UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011.

What do you think about this music, painters? Have you ever heard fado? Did you know it was such an important part of portuguese culture?

We will be back on wednesday, until there, be you, be sassy, be listening to good music.


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