A different type of french manicure

TGIF guys! Even at home studying for college exams (pray for me, will you?), there’s something so refreshing about Friday. Today I decided to bring something super easy to make because if you’re lazy like me when it comes to nails, you’ll want quick stuff. 😉
The idea is to make a typical french manicure but instead of painting a stripe, you’ll create small dots using a dotting tool or something of a sort.
  1.  paint your nails with the colour you desire. The nail polish that I used is from Formula X and it’s in the shade Majestic – it’s a very rich and dark blue that sometimes looks like black (yay for blue-black nails!).
  2. next, instead of using tape and all that jazz, you just need to pick another colour to create a contrast and start making those dots! I picked 204 White by Kiko.

That’s pretty much it! I told you it was easy as this. 😉 It’s a very unique way to create french manicure and even easier than the original one because you don’t have to be that precise with the dots.




I hope you all enjoyed this small tutorial and I’ll see you all on Sunday! Have a nice weekend!




3 thoughts on “A different type of french manicure

  1. Hi Angie! These nails are gorgeous!! I love nail art (not great at it tho haha) This is a really cool adaption to normal french manicures! If you like beauty blogs, check out themovement1316.wordpress.com for daily posts

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