A day with Luís – And another one (outfit)

Hello everyone, Luís here again with yet another outfit for you! As the temperature runs low and rain gets more frequent (and stronger) I decided that I needed an extra dose of confy and warm clothes. So, in order to give me that boost, I started wearing again my blue and warm overcoat, highly contrasting with my white knitted sweater (knitted just how grandma likes it). Also, you can never go wrong with these trousers which are in fact one of the few skinny legs type thingy that I have and to top it off I just had to wear my old sneakers and beanny.












What do you guys think? I think that during this time of the year the most important aspect regarding our style is confort – the weather isn’t that great and we need to be able to move and work while feeling warm. Eithed way, there’s nothing wrong in adding some style to it! Have a nice weekend and see you soon! If you want to catch up PMY daily posts and our life, make sure to follow us on Instagram – @pmymagazine

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