The Bookclub – Best of 2015

Hello, painters! How are you?

Today we bring you the books we enjoyed the most in 2015.



The best book for me has to be “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. Maybe this isn’t the most creative choice, but the truth is my greatest literary love has always been Harry Potter. This saga is just so full of values like friendship, justice and equality, and these are still values that guide my life today. The plot is incredible and mesmerizing, with very complex and layered characters. These are the kind of books I’ll be rereading for the rest of my life. If you’ve never read HP, dear painters, it’s about time you start. 🙂



“A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson is one of my all time favorite non-fiction books. It tells the story of our planet from its beginning to our times while explaining several areas of science. This might not sound incredibly appealing, but it’s a best-seller and trust me – it’s a MUST-read! You need it in your life! It all started when the author realized he didn’t know much about the world we live in, hence why he decided to delve in and write this book. Basically it’s fun, entertaining and simple for anyone to read. It feels like you’re in one big adventure and it’s hard to put it down once you start!



The best book we read last year was “A viagem do elefante” by José Saramago. It is about an elephant’s journey from Lisbon to Vienna. This elephant was given by King João III to Archduke Maximilian in 1551. The book won São Paulo Prize for Literature and it was written by one of the best authors Portugal ever had.



I couldn’t pick just the best book, since I read 50 books and some of them were really good, so I decided to bring one of the best books and that is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky. This book follows a boy named Charlie that has some mental problems and we don’t know what kind of problems are those. The plot is about his first year in high school and his developing friendship with Sam and Patrick, 2senior brother and sister that want to protect him. Although it is a heavy read, it’s an important one that will make you think about some crucial aspects in life, like fighting for your true self, respecting each others privacy and living the present. I definitely recommend this book, it’s small one and the writers writing is easy to understand.



My favourite writer this year was by Terry Pratchett. I read quite a lot of REALLY good books that can easily take the prize as best book 2015 but the sheer sarcasm and humour that Terry uses in all his books are enough to make my day. Highly recommend any of his books if you want to read something new!

So what was your favourite book in 2015? Let us know.
We’ll be back on saturday. Until there, be you, be sassy, be reading good books.


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