DIY Study Calendar

Hello, beloved readers!

I’m writing to you today in the midst of an exam season. Anxiety is a recurrent issue, and getting organized and planning is my way of dealing with it. Nothing you avid readers wouldn’t already know 😉

One of my typical tools for this is having an exam or study calendar! This is incredibly basic, honestly, I know a lot of people who use this. But I thought I’d let you know how I made it, since it can be so helpful while taking up so little time and energy!



I made mine using Microsoft Word (I know, I’m such a techy!… or not). I just created a table and then personalized it to my taste. I liked the minimalist look,  with no column lines (only row lines). I used my two favorite fonts: Frenchy for the numbers and DK Carte Blanche for the lettering (it’s like writing in a chalkboard, super cute!). The yellow background part was for the weeks I still had classes: let’s just say the amount of group assignments I had didn’t exactly give me a whole lot of time to make a nice transition into the exam season. Still working on assignments while I have exams, see why I panicked?!

I made a sort of color code, by using the same color for exams, presentations, deadlines for assignments, and then special colors for the holidays. Then you hit print – tada!


For the actual study part of the calendar, just decide which subjects you should work harder for, and divide them by the days you consider more appropriate. I have 5 exams, so I did my first “vacation” week as an introduction to 4 of the subjects, and then the next week to study for the first exam. I always do this, I study for the first exam last, because then I don’t have to take breaks on my study for that subject, at least.

But that depends on what strategy is best for you! Maybe you work best studying two subjects a day – or more. I work better by focusing on one thing, while having a definite time planned out for the rest. But I had to figure out what was best for me. You should too! 😉

I also used some stickers, when I needed to correct things. They add color and personality, and I love a colorful work environment! It brightens up my study.

What does your study calendar look like? Do you have one? Do you just memorize it all? If so, HOW do you do it?! Let us know!

Stay awesome,




2 thoughts on “DIY Study Calendar

    1. Thank you! I love my personal planner too, but having everything in front of me, in an immediate and visual way, really helped me to feel more organized and in control. I still use my planner for daily notes, plans, and such, tho 🙂 Thank you for your comment, let us know how it turned out if you try it!


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