The importance of perfumes

Hey, painters! How are you doing? We’re doing and feeling great!

You know the importance that the 5 senses have to us! We defend that we must absorb life through the fullness of what it gives us, which includes not only vision, but also sound, touch, taste and SMELL.

Today we are taking your noses over with this one sense journey. Smell will be the champion in this post as we do our list of ultimate perfumes that we adore. You must never underestimate the power of a perfume. It’s more than an accessory. It is the all look. It really makes the difference.
A person that smells good instantly becomes more beautiful, edgy, confident, fashionable and trendy. And a perfume can define a personality… Each person as one smell associated to her/him, like a fingerprint. Smell is uniqueness, it’s style, it’s personality.



Zen, Shiseido: Sweet, unforgettable and romantic. The love and magic themselves in a bottle.


Hommage, Lalique: Intense, deep and viril. The perfume for the real man.


Eau d’Ikar: The ultimate indulgence. Liquid gold.





Femme, Zara: Soft and sweet perfume to use everyday.


Brit Rhythm, Burberry: Floral, fruity and sensual perfume.


L’eau Par, Kenzo: Fresh and floral perfume to use in special occasions.

This is it for today, painters! We get back on wednesday.
Until there, be you, be sassy, be smelling good.


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