Summing Up: December

Hey there Painters, how was your New Years Eve? 😉 It feels absolutely stunning yet overwhelming to be writing here for your all on  1th January. I know it’s a complete cliché the ‘new year new me’ thing but I can’t avoid it. I think it’s the feel that I’ve lived another year and learnt so much again – can I just stop learning? College is more than enough. Either way, it’s time to sum up what we did during December, so you guys can find everything in an easier way! Shall we start? 😉

The Playlist


On December, it was Luís that picked our favourite songs and created TP for December. As usual, we have music from every type of genre since we are so many writers here! (and yes, we have 1D and we have no regrets about that).



In terms of fashion, PMY really made a lot of posts! Marta shared with us her perfect winter outfit and also an outfit of the day. Me and Luís made 2 different posts with some picture of us wearing our cozy clothes – I posted Not So Winter and Luís posted another outfit! On a more festive side, we have Sofia’s Winter Outfits and Luísa&Paulo What to Wear on New Year’s Eve.



Speaking of Beauty, we have all sorts of posts – we have the typical Some Beauty Bits regarding my latest fashion discoveries, Marta’s Beauty List and, lastly, Sofia’s Hair Care – I part about Gliss Products and I part about Rowenta Elite!

The Bookclub


As usual, we made The Bookclub, full of books we wanted to share with you all 😉



Speaking of Lifestyle, let’s just say that our duet Luísa&Paulo love this category to death! During December, they wrote these posts and you should really check them out ;-): Paulo criticizing and Luísa judging – review #3, Where to Spend Chrismtas Eve, Face Off #3, Our Wishes, Our Wishlist #2 and finally a post about pure Christmas – Nowadays Santa. I also made some posts regarding lifestyle and here they are – My 2015 Wishes, My 2016 Wishes (always wishing new things!) and, lastly, A Christmas Gift Guide.

Paint Me Sunday


Here it is, a link for the single Paint Me Sunday that I wrote this month;  I don’t have that many type of posts planned, well… Though I enjoy to write them! For this month, I wrote 10Things I Wish I Knew Before.

The Art of Cooking


When it comes to food, we do try to give you all our favouite recipes (or at least the ones we would like to cook if we had any time!). Marta brought some recipes she wants to try on 2016 and our duet brought their typical Yogurt Cake. Lastly, they also wrote what portuguese families traditionally eat on Christmas!

Art And Miscellaneous


Lastly, we have two posts showing up on PMY – we have Luís favourite fantasy writers and Sofia’s favourite classic christmas movies!

And that is all for today (uff!)! I wish you all have a spectacular 2016, full of love, joy and laughter 😉




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