What to wear on New Year’s Eve

Hello, painters! How are you doing?

Got a full festive calendar this month? Yes, we have! And everything comes down to the most glamorous night of the year: New Year’s eve. We have a full party calendar, but this night is special, even if you spend it at home.

With that in mind, we made a survival guide in order to answer that horrible, frightening question: what should I wear this night? You still have time to buy stuff and we are here to help. Tips, tips and tips. We all need tips. Tips it is.

¹ For men




  • Tip 1: Rewrite traditional dress codes by adding flair to your to your formal entire. Embrace slim fit tuxedos.


  • Tip 2: Colourful velvets. Velvet is a must but we are short in time so any colourful fabrik will do. Go with the burgandy. It’s the colour of the season and so night time appropriate. Burgandy is a winner. Velvet would be priceless.


  • Tip 3: Graphic shirts! With black pants it’s perfection but combined with a good graphic shirt you can’t also go wrong with jeans. Your did ear us… jeans in New Year’s eve! But only with a unique graphic shirt!


  • Tip 4: Black and white: the best friends forever, black pants and a classical white shirt. Safe and elegant.


  • Tip 5: The king of classics: a black tux with white shirt.


  • Tip 6: If you dare, a hint of leather would make out of you the coolest kid on the block.


² For women

  • Tip 1: Femininity is the most important word of the last year’s event.


As you see on this look, a dress is not synonym of femininity! Take a risk. Wear a skirt a very high heels.

  • Tip 2: Embroidery, chiffon and tulle all the way. Lots and lots of tulle! Tulle is never too much.


  • Tip 3: Transparencies and cleavage! C’mon! Is the last night of the year, show some skin. But do it with glamour… Try some legs showing and LACE! Go go go lace all the way.

12434383_10206486523935442_41349554_n (1)


  • Tip 4: White could save your night.


Extra tip: why not white jeans! We think you could rock a full with look on this night.
Extra tip II: a white dress will also do wonders.
– Tip 5: Jewellery, use and abuse! It brings a look alive.
– Tip 6: The princess of classics: black and white.
– Tip 7: The new classic: black and gold.
– Tip 8: If your staying home go colourful and get Xmas inspired! Why not glitter at home? You must also look elegant and glamorous in your own home.

³ For men and women

  • Tip 1: Black is always a winner.


  • Tip 2: Get inspired by your favourite celebs.


Have a great night! Have a blast! Shine! And see you on 2016! Until there, be you, be sassy, be entering with the right foot on 2016! Have a great year!


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