Baby, it’s cold outside: Winter Outfits

Hello painters, and welcome to my last post of the year! Just before we officially leave 2015 behind, though, I’d like to share some style inspiration.

As we all know, winter clothes have a few problems: how do you feel less bulky with that many layers on?!! Well, my friends, here are 3 outfits that feel more warm – and stylish – than bulky.

The Classic One

Turtlenecks can keep you nice and warm in the winter, but they can also make you feel a bit like you’re back in elementary school. But if you keep the outfit elegant and timeless, those playground memories will stay at bay.

The Girly One

I love girly things, that’s no news to anyone who’s ever seen my closet. This new purchase – the pink cardigan with the black embroidered bows- goes perfectly with that side of me, as well as keeps me super warm, while being super light. Bless the fuziness!

The Relaxed One

Nevertheless, it’s study season for me, so feeling comfort and cozy takes precedence over cuteness most days. This heavy cardigan from Bershka does the job perfectly: it almost feels like a blanket you can wear anywhere! A stylish one 😉

What do you think? What’s the outfit you like the most?

Stay awesome and have a great New Year’s Eve,



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