Recipes to try out in 2016!

Hi! I hope you guys had an amazing week. Let’s talk about food today! Not just that, but food to try out in the new year. Time to be honest: if you know me in real life, you probably know that I can’t cook for sh*t. However, I’m not giving up – and let me tell you, 2016 is the year I’ll learn how to cook. I’m actually going to try my best to accomplish this, instead of it being just another idea that crosses my mind but never ends up seeing the light of day. It’s gonna happen!

Meanwhile, here go some recipes I’ve been collecting. They look mouth-watering and I’d love to make them. Also – they’re all vegetarian (not vegan though) as I’m going onto my 6th year as a vegetarian so I hope you don’t mind; enjoy!


#1 | Kale-feta-egg toast

It’s easy to put together, perfect for a snack, breakfast or bruch and full of protein. And yummy.


#2 | The basic (but awesome) cheese pizza

I feel like the photo speaks for itself, don’t you agree? And who doesn’t love pizza?! I know I do.


#3 | Sesame zoodles

Zoodles = zucchini noodles… I wasn’t even aware that was a thing! It’s a healthier alternative to the classic noodles and this particular recipe looks amazing.


#4 | Potato salad

I love anything potato and this looks way too good. Also I’m totally in love with this website, their photos and recipes. I’m definitely bookmarking it.


#5 | Baked cinnamon doughnuts with vanilla glaze

Oh man. Don’t they just look great??

Check them out! And have a good New Year’s eve, everyone! I know I’m not really going to be celebrating this year, I’ve got a lot of cramming to do for my upcoming end-of-semester tests. But it’s ok, partying or not all that matters is you start the new year in a good spirit.

See you in 2016,



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