Paint Me Sunday – 10 Things I wish I knew before

Hello everyone and have a happy and merry Sunday! I know Christmas is over but we’re all still in the mood,right? Christmas trees are still in our living rooms and we still have plenty of cake left so let’s just continue the Christmas-ish and cozy environment. Either way, I think it’s important to reflect on our actions because December isn’t all about happiness and giving presents – it’s the end of the year and the start of another one (duh, congrats,angie) and I feel like it does deserve some reflection.

I. You need to understand that caring about what others think won’t help you at all.

II. Being selfish is totally fine and some people deserve to be more often.

III. There’s no such thing as a black and white world – everything’s pretty much grey. Even if someone thinks badly of you that doesn’t mean those thoughts are true.

IV. If you bring negativity in your life those energies will go to your friends and closest people, it’s impossible to be unhappy alone – think about this before refusing to talk about your problems. It’s better to be alone and accept help, right?

V. Money isn’t everything in life.

VI. It’s better to be the person having bad things said about them then being the one saying the bad things.

VI. Friendships are complicated and require a lot of effort; and the come and go, it’s normal.

VII. You’re not defined by what you’ve done before (trust me, this was a major topic of mine during 2015).

VIII. Success has no definitive definition and there is nothing shameful about failing.

IX. Comparison is the thief of joy – nobody has the permission to make you feel inferior unless you give it to them.

X. No one ever shares their entire story.

So here’s the short list that I made while thinking on 2015. I hope this is helpful for you. I wish you all merry days, full of joy and delight.







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