Paulo criticizing and Luísa judging – review #3

Hey hey hey, painters (yes, a Paulo and Luísa’s modern version of the classic Santa’s ho ho ho; don’t judge us. Although Xmas is over, we still feel the magical Christmas spirit).
How are you all doing? As you know, today it’s time for our usual REVIEW. Judgemental Paulo and critical Luísa are back to warm the weather with hot reviews. You may also notice that the autumn is over.

So we mixed the best of both worlds and combined our fall season playlist with this month review, which results in: we evaluating the autumn music.
This is our playlist for the season. The soundtrack of our cold days…. The songs that cheered us up, made us funk the cold and enjoy the beauty of the leafs falling. This time of the year is synonym of transformation, change and mutation and we did it by the sound of this songs, our personal dear soundtrack. This is us, at this moment of our lives:


This month, we’ll give autumn’s music a 3 = Duo’s star to be medal out of 5. Don’t get us wrong, we loved this playlist, after all it’s the soundtrack of our daily lives, but there’s nothing like the summer’s music… Even though the music is as good as the one on autumn, sunny beach days make everything greater and better.

We’ll be back on wednesday, but until there, be you, be sassy, be listening music, because music is love, music is life.


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