My 2016 Wishes

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great and merry Christmas 😉 I didn’t post last Sunday because it was my anniversary and it got all very complicated – between cleaning my house, buying last minute Christmas gifts and actually enjoying my 2oth birthday, I had no time to write. Either way, I’m here to write about my 2016 wishes. Even though my 2015 wishes went all right, I decided to make a shorter list – not because last year was challenging in terms of working on them but because 2015 was a really difficult year in terms of pretty much everything. Relationships, college work, family issues… Everything had its broken moment somewhere in 2015. There wasn’t a single truly and happy month in 2015, which does make me feel quite sad if I think about it like this but I avoid it. So due to this, 2016 must be a resting year or heads will start rolling (joking but not so joking).

I. Make a new ear piercing (simply because);

II. Only buy 25 books (I’ll be reading ebooks and going to libraries more often for sure);

III. Definitely continue eating healthy food;

IV. Paint my nails more often, geez;

V. Start using make up that’s more sophisticated and bold;

VI. Protect myself from others more often and be a happier person (I can’t save the entire world, sorry);

VII. Start working on politics;

VIII. Walk alone more often;

IX. Watch series and films more often as well;

X. Stop feeling like I should be perfect when, well, no one is.


That is all for today, painters! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all on Sunday. Comment bellow if you’ve made any 2016 wishlist!



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