Outfit of the day #2 – Let’s get festive

Hey lovely people! How are the Holidays treating you? Well, today I’m coming here with a December Outfit of the Day. I wore it on Friday and I really needed to show you; even though the outfit in itself isn’t all that special, it features a new purchase that I had to share.

(Also I just wanted an excuse to show you my living room that’s currently decorated all festive and bright and Christmas-y)


If you remember my recent post about the perfect winter outfit, it included a sweater that I found online and loved (this one), but the price was kinda crazy (??!). However, last week I found completely at random a very similar one in Primark that only cost me 20€. Differences in quality  aside, it looks super alike and I love how oversized, soft and cozy it is. It’s a great alternative if you’re looking for one.


That day I wore it with simple black leggings and my old boots. “Funny” story (not that funny, but) – I bought these boots from H&M a few winters ago and since they were new and my favorite pair at the time I took them to my seniors’ trip, in 2013. Well, to this date I don’t know what happened, but I wore them one night and they somehow got ruined. Not just one shoe but both of them, and both in the same place at the front, and I have no idea how it happened. I remember being quite sad about it but fast-forward to a few years later and mysteriously ruined or not, I still love to wear them.


Ok guys, so that was my cozy december outfit. I hope you all have a lovely week and, of course, an amazing Christmas if you celebrate it! Love you all x



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