Face off #3

Hey, painters, how are you all doing?

Today we bring you, once again, a Paulo and Luísa’s classic: the face off. On the right corner: he comes from the north hemisphere, it’s the most classical and conventional type…. THE XMAS WITH COLD AND SNOW (hot chocolate, blankets and funny and ugly xmas sweaters)!
On the left corner: he comes from the south hemisphere, it’s a strange and different christmas to us… THE XMAS WITH HOT WEATHER (shorts – or even no clothes at all – and with a foot on the beach)!


Pros 🙂

> We have the winter items: Christmas sweaters, blankets, pajamas
> Hot chocolate
> Snow (snowball fights, snowmen, sledges…)
> Santa Claus’s winter masks
> Fireplaces

Cons 😦

> Windy weather
> Rain and public transportation just don’t get along


Pros 🙂

> Xmas at the beach
> Coconut water and ice cream

Cons 😦

> Xmas with hot weather is not the same. We have a cultural tradition that associates xmas with snow, santa’s winter clothes, and all the good comfy warm items associated with xmas in winter and in december
> We can’t see the xmas light as good in the sunny summer days
> We aren’t able of wearing those ugly xmas sweaters that we (despite saying we dislike them) love

So for all these reasons, it’s obvious that Xmas with cold and snow gets the PAULO&LUÍSA’s GOLD MEDAL. The real Christmas needs to be in winter, it doesn’t make sense in any other way.
Is there a better feeling than waking up in the Christmas morning and opening our gifts in our warm pajamas, near the fireplace, drinking a hot chocolate?

What’s your opinion, dear painters? How is Christmas in your country? Let us know…
We will be back on wednesday. Until there, be you, be sassy, be preparing your Christmas night with the ones you love.


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