Some Beauty Bits…

Hello everyone, how are you all? 😉 I decided that I wouldn’t bring a Christmas make up look because I haven’t been feeling that inspired (yet) when it comes to clothing and beauty. Still waiting for my b-day! I think I might be more excited afterwards. Either way, I bought 3 new products and I’ve been testing them – let’s just see how they are working so far!

I really needed a red berry toned lip colour for this Winter; I didn’t have any and sometimes I don’t need such a bright red (although I love them). So I decided to buy a Kiko Smart Lipstick in the shade 909. So far so good – it isn’t that pink and bordeaux type, its undertone is more like brown, really. It’s like a rusty red but very Christmas-ish. The formula is all right and I usually use a red lip pencil under it.

I was also needing a new concealer palette and this time I picked one from the german brand Catrice and its their All Around Concealer. The concept is nice and it has 5 different shades – green neutralises redness, pink conceals dark circles and beige covers imperfections (the pack comes with 3 different beige tones). I haven’t used the lightest beige shade and I don’t think I ever will, which is a shame. I also haven’t used the green one. The darkest beige tones are fine, the formula is very creamy and easy to blend. My biggest issue with this palette is the pink tone a.k.a the concealer that I needed the most. It is just too damn bright and you need to blend it really well and apply a rather big amount of foundation to hide the redness it creates. I’ll continue using this product but I’ll definitely search for a new pink concealer.

Lastly, I decided to give an opportunity to H&M Eye Colour To-Go in the shade Oxidise. This was such a good investment! This product blends really easily and you don’t even need to use that much product or to work your eyelid – just a bit of it and then you can blend it even with your fingers. It’s the 1minute perfect eyeshadow! The colour I picked is a brown with some gold yet not shimmer in it. It’s like bronze, really.

And that is all for today, Painters! I hope you guys enjoy these reviews and comment if you’ve ever tried these products. 😉





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