Top 4 fantasy writers

What’s up painters, Luís here again to entertain you and make you feel loved and laugh and all that good stuff! Today on ADWL I would like to talk about some good fantasy writers that you should be looking out for! Let’s jump right into it.


1- Both Terry Pratchett and his Disc World saga are amazing, truly my favourite writer. Sadly he has died (this year in fact) but before he left us he gave us an amazing, funny and sarcastic world to explore full of adventures!


2- J.K Rowling is already known all over the world, the creator of Harry Potter is possibly coming back with more stories from Hogwarts and this nice piece of news is all it takes to make any fan hyped! There will be an 8th chapter (Harry Potter and the cursed child) which will debut in London in 2016 AS A PLAY; hopefully it will reach bookstores all around the world one day.


3- Rick Riordan is the mastermind behind the Percy Jackson sagas, I think (THINK!) that it’s already in it’s 3rd saga (may be it’s 4th actually). The books talk about the adventures of a half-god, named Percy, that saves the world over and over again. The pantheon changes with every saga having right now the Greek gods, the Egyptians and the Northern gods too!


4- Christopher Paolini is the one that dragged me to fantasy books. He created the amazing world of Eragon, writing 4 HUGE books about this breathtaking saga. If you never read it then please do it and, if you did read it then you can wait for the next books that take place in the same universe that are coming in the future!


These were just some great writers that I remember but don’t let that fool you: Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and a lot more good writers are out there waiting for you! Hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you next week!



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