Portuguese Christmas food

Hey, dear painters! How are you doing this night…?

In Portugal, it’s already night, indeed! What impels us to do a hot chocolate, some home made scones, wrap us up with a soft blanket and watch the all 6 Star Wars’ episodes in a row.
But, utopias beside, let’s talk about what today’s post is all about: what portuguese people eat in Christmas! Yeah, we admit what you already knew, the hashtag that we use the most in our social network, and we are food lovers!

We love any type of food: the food of the world, new dishes, old dishes with a fresh zing, mother’s food, our own food and even fast food. But, in Dorothy’s words: “There’s no place like home”, so today we are mixing the best of two worlds: x-mas and food. In this equation equals what we, Portuguese, eat in the x-mas night!
We are a small country so the menu is quite homogeneous throughout our small southwestern land.

1) The main dish is usually cod, boiled cod with boiled potatoes and greens. Some people eat roasted octopus or even turkey. But, in this night, cod is the king.


2) The desserts are so diverse and every single one so delicious that it’s hard for us to name them all. These are some of them:

2.1) Rabanadas;


2.2) Sonhos


2.3) Bolo rei


2.4) Bolo rainha


2.5) Leite creme


2.6) Pão de ló


2.7) Aletria


2.8) Farófias


2.9) Pudim



This is it for today, painters! Where are you from? What do you eat in the x-mas night? Do you relate with some of our traditions? Let us know by commenting below.

We’ll be back for the classic Paulo and Luísa’s saturday post…. Until there, be you, be sassy, be getting your stomach ready for “the most wonderful time of the year”.

P.S. We advise you to do a detox plan. Your body will thank you. You could do 3 detox days before and another 3 detox days after the Christmas night! It’s awful, we know, detox sucks, we are not hypocrites, but your body will need it like a rose needs water on a desert so, give it a thought! ^-^

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