II Hair Care: Rowenta Elite Review

Welcome back to our Hair Care series, painters!

Today, I’d like to talk to you about my new toy: Rowenta Elite’s straightener, Glam Liss. But it’s actually a 2 in 1, so technically I can curl my hair with it (although I have yet to figure that one out)!

There are 2 heat positions and it rotates 360º, which definitely helps with the waves or curls. It goes up to 230ºC, which Rowenta calls “high performance”, but that I can neither deny nor confirm, since I actually don’t know much about hair straighteners and how high they can go.

Either way, it wasn’t very pricey (about 20€) and it’s small, practical and very effective! I love the outcome and I’m really self-regulating just so I don’t use it everyday. I’m also trying to get the hang of how to create some waves with it, so maybe tune in for that in the near future!

Here’s some of the results:

What do you think, painters? Worth the money? Let us know which hair tools are on your Christmas list!

Stay awesome,


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