Our 2016 wishes

Hey, painters! Are you all doing good?

As you know, Christmas is right at the corner, which means that the year is almost over. We are ready to welcome 2016, right after all the proper goodbyes to 2015 are made.

This time of the year is also important because we do a sum up of the year we lived. With the new year is also time to make our new year’s wishes!
So this is our wishes – the things that we want to make, to improve, to conquer, to achieve, to do, to accomplish and to change. This is who we want to be in the following 12 months!

PAULO wants to…

〉 study harder
〉 read more
〉 lose weight
〉 get a job
〉 spend less money
〉 get a girlfriend
〉 start a fitness program – gym
〉 go vegetarian
〉 be a better version of myself
〉 be happy and make others happy every single day

LUÍSA wants to…

finish my college degree
〉 get a job 
〉 read more books 
〉 feel better about myself 
〉 stop caring what other people say
〉 travel
〉 make friends (real ones)
〉 find a boyfriend (this one is from last year’s list ;p)
〉 finally start doing what I want
be happy

This is it for today, painters! We hope you enjoyed your 2015! Was it good? Let us know! We also want to know which are your x-mas wishes? What are your goals? Do you relate with ours? Comment below. Speak your mind! It’s important to us.

Never forget to smile and it’s up to you and you only to make out of 2016 the best year of your life. Live, love, create, give, smile, fight your errors and change what you want to make better! Conquer your fears, be a better version of yourself, but don’t ever change. Go ahead, fall and rise stronger than ever. Push your limits, go harder, stronger, faster… Laugh and cry, feel, feel a lot. Feeling is swimming the waves of the skies. Dive, don’t have fear! Jump, scream, dance, sing. Life is love and love’s a game. Play! Make friends, making/creating is your friend. Smile and smile and smile. Smile your sadness away. Dance your demons away. Sing your fears away. Go away… Travel. Go back home, your home sweet home. Be sweet!

We get back on wednesday and until there, be sassy, be you, be making your 2016 wish list!

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