A Christmas Gift Guide

Hello everyone, how are you all? I’m finally getting excited over Christmas (like really excited, you guys can’t imagine) and with that, well, my joy to give presents begins. To be honest with you guys, sometimes I feel awkward by wanting to give presents so much. There’s just a lot of hypocrisy in it, at least it applies to some people. I’m always giving little gifts to the ones I love, even if these gifts are just letters – I like to remember them that they are loved, especially during dark times. Well, I’ll just stop talking and get to action –  I made some small wishlist pics to get you all inspired!

1New Black Shoes. A Warm Coat. Camel and Small Bag.3

Fiction. Debut Authors. Historical Fiction.2

Structured Coats. Glitter Shoes. Daring Skirts.

I don’t know about you Painters but I would love to recieve everything from this post! I hope this post helps you to find the perfect gifts and to inspire you 😉




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