Nowadays Santas

Hi, painters! How are you all doing?

Christmas is a blink of the eye away, so we are ready to welcome Santa Claus in our homes. Yes, we do believe in Santa and to prove it we have already written two letters to North Pole. However, Santa is real – an old fat white beard lovely man – we are 21st century’s modern young adults, so it’s important to give credits to our less fat, less white beard, but also lovely nowadays Santas.

∗ The grandmas

Our grandmothers are the best. They spoil us, they give us our weight in presents, so we couldn’t ask for a better gifts giver. They are as old, magic and extraordinary as Santa, and let’s face it, they don’t come by chimneys, so they are mess free. And they also eat the cookies and drink the milk. You can also pretend that their hundred and thirty four cats are Santa’s reindeers.

∗ Our parents

They love us no matter what. And, unlike Santa, they give us presents whether we’ve been good or naughty. In fact, they have always been the real Santas when we woke up every Christmas morning, with the Christmas tree full of presents. By night, it was always their magical power that made us dream that Santa Claus was real.

∗ Our friends

With their love and affection and unconditional companionship, they made every single day from the 365 days that the year gives us, look like a Christmas morning. Our friends are a much more funny, close from us and understandable than Santa. THANK YOUR FRIENDS!


Christmas is love. Christmas is giving. So, love and give, because God will give you love back. That’s our Christmas and today’s post message.

See you on saturday. Until there, be you, be sassy, be celebrating your daily heroes Santas.


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