I Hair Care: Gliss Products Review

Hello, painters! Let’s talk about hair care, shall we? It rhymes, so it has to be a fun conversation 😉

I’m going to do a two-part series on Hair Care, so stay tuned for next week’s II Hair Care post.

But for now, I’d like to tell you about two recent purchases I’ve made, both hair products by Gliss. I was on a hunt for products that would hydrate and make my hair less frizzy, more tamed and sleek. My hair is naturally very oily, but it has a wavy texture, and humidity and bad maintenance make it frizzy, specially towards the ends. I wanted to take care of that and give it that sort of “just-went-to-the-hairdresser” feel.

These two items by Gliss were on sale at a large Portuguese chain store, Continente, and they’re both about hair repair, so I decided to get them. Here they are.


  1. Asia Straight Serum – I don’t love this name (there are Asian people with curly and wavy hair, guys, I promise), but I do love the product. It’s an anti-frizz serum, and it certainly gets the job done! It makes the hair straighter and softer – my exact aim. Gold star*
  2. Oil Nutritive Mask – This mask is made of 8 nutritive oils, apparently, and includes keratin. It promises to end your split ends, and it delivers. My hair feels super soft and shiny when I use it, it feels like a great protection against the Winter’s rougher effect on your hair. Deep nourishing is where it’s at, painters!

You use the mask in the shower 2-3 times a week (you leave it in your hair for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it off), and the serum on your towel dried hair, before you blow dry it. Here’s what my hair looked like after I use both of these products.

Isn’t it shiny? You can see the wavy texture towards the ends, but there’s a big difference in relation to how normally looks when there’s humidity out.

Have you ever tried the Gliss brand? Don’t forget to check in for next week’s part II!

Stay awesome,



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