My 2015 Wishes

Hello everyone! Friday is going more like Fri-YAY,right? College and school are finishing and all I can think about is how many books I’ll be able to read. Yeap, that’s just how nerd I am! Either way, I decided that it’s time to wrap up my 2015 Wishes and to see if I’ve succeeded.

Long time ago I’ve made a post about my wishes, which is right here. I’ve also made I quick Summing Up regarding some tips of how to make those dreams come true (or at least try!).

Continue My Voluntary Work – Unfortunately, this goal didn’t go through the whole year. I quit my voluntary work on July (more or less) since me & Sofia had a huge lack of time; Furthermore, our association was just a mess and we didn’t had more energy to pull it up. Either way, I’m just so happy with all we accomplished and I hope we can continue working on this project in the future.

Stop Listening To What Others Say About Me – This was an important goal for this year and yes, it worked all right. I still have some confidence issues going on but so far I feel more capable of defending myself and exposing my arguments. I think that now I just need time to heal everything.

Don’t Panic So Much – Another problem that it’s working its way through. I’m still a quite stressful person (and I think this won’t change) but some progress has been made 😉

Don’t Worry So Much About Money – A total flop! I still control everything and force myself to not buy things that I want just because I ‘might need the money in the future’. Although this is totally right and many people spend way too much money, I’m the opposite and sometimes that’s a disadvantage as well. I’ve bought a book called Kakebo to help me control my spendings and I will talk about it next month!

Work More On My Dream – To Be a Writer – I did work on this project but not as much as I wish I had. I just can’t seem to find the time to talk about my book and to express myself. I hate to plan my presentations and I’m always anxious when I think about it. Also, I haven’t written anything. This is a big mess that I need to figure it out next year.

Learn More About Mythology – Nope, didn’t do that. But a girl can dream,right?

Talk Only With Positive People – This is a tricky one but I’m quite glad with my overall friendships. I lost some good ones and didn’t met that many people but I did developed the ones that I have. You don’t need a big amount of friends, just the good ones.

End All My Reading Challenges Definitely yes!

Cook More – Eat Healthier Food – I did ate healthier food and there are a few types of fast food that I don’t enjoy eating another. On the other hand, I’ve also fell in love with some vegetable and fruit goodies – blame me for only starting to eat oranges on 2015 (I wish I was lying). I didn’t cook that much though which is kind of sad but at least part of the wish came true 😉

Be More Confident – Yes I am and I’m continuing to work on that! I still don’t know what I want to stand for in the future but I’ll definitely have the confidence to do so. I feel more confortable on my body right now  and I have no problem to talk with the people I trust about how I feel.

Continue Working On My Blogs – A success as well. PMY just continues growing (and thanks to you all <3) and my portuguese booktube channel and blog is also getting bigger and bigger. They are just part of my daily routine now.

Continue Doing Sports – ….A flop. I wish I had though, but I have no time to go to the gym. I hope I’ll start again during my exams, since I’ll be alone and I schedule it.

Holiday With Friends – Yes I did, 2 times! It was marvellous and I hope I’ll be able to repeat it on 2016.

Stop Running Away From Technologies – I’m sorry but I still run away from them, what can I do?

And these were all my wishes for 2015! Now that I read them,I can definitely see that they were way too many – yet, I’m glad that I did pretty much everything with even thinking of it. The most important ones regarding myself are in progress and I’m so glad about it.

And what about you, Painters? Did you had any 2015 wishes? 😉




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