The Bookclub – December 2015

Hello painters and welcome to December’s bookclub. Today we have a large pool of genres so let’s just step right into it!

Luísa e Paulo

The book we chose this month is “Oracle Night” by Paul Auster. We had already heard about Paul Auster, but we had never read any of his books. So when our English teacher told us we had to read this author, we were very excited.
And this book was a surprise – it’s amazing! It’s about Sidney, a young writer that is writing a new book, so while we read the story of his life, we also read the story that he is writing in his book. It’s a little confusing but exciting at the same time. We really enjoyed reading it and it’s so easy to read.



Before we get to the book, I’d just like to say that it’s been a year of The Bookclub! Congratulations to PMY, to you, painters, and to our little book club, I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as us. For our 1st anniversary, I brought a book I’ve loved for longer than that: Night Train to Lisbon! I always want to re-read it, but with college I don’t have enough time. Fact is, this a book about a German teacher that felt very apathetic until he had an encounter with a mysterious woman and a Portuguese book. He then rushes to Portugal, in the hopes of finding some new meaning for life, something bigger than what he has been experiencing. Do you think Portugal can offer him that? This is a very poetic and thoughtful book, it takes its time to be read, but I can say without a doubt: it’s worth every minute.



So for December I decided to bring you guys an entire saga! I am currently obsessed with Percy Jackson & The Olympians and read 2 of the 5 books in roughly 1 week! The story is just like most fantasy stories: a hero that doesn’t know that he is one receives a quest to save the world. The diference? The setting of the story! It envolves greek gods, greek monsters and everyday places from U.S.A. If you like greek mithology I sugest that you get these books asap.



The book I picked up for this month is The Little Friend by the famous writer Donna Tartt. The reason why I picked it up is because I’ve heard wonders about her but the other books she has written are simply gigantic! Furthermore, I’ve also heard that this book is the less loved from Tartt – I prefer to start with this one and then be amazed by her other books! Lets see how this one goes. 😉



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