Marta’s Christmas gift guide

Hello! Today’s monday and the last day of November, which means the Holiday season is quickly approaching us. So what better way to say bye to November and hello to the last month of the year than with a gift guide? If you do celebrate Christmas, here are my ideas – hopefully they’ll help you out a bit with your holiday shopping.


For the ultimate bookworm [linkIf you know someone who’s passionate about reading let’s just say you need to see this list. It includes 24 gift ideas that any bookworm would absolutely love to receive. Besides, they’re all quite fun and original (book-scented candle?!!). Seriously, check it out.


For the stylish one [linkSammi is one of my favorite youtubers (you might remember me mentioning her in my Youtubers You Need to Check Out post). In this video her suggestions include candles, bath stuff, lipsticks, books, throws, bags, etc… a great selection of both stylish and cozy things, perfect for a friend with good taste.


For the coffee lover [linkDo you know someone who really loves their coffee or tea? If you’re looking for something that’s affordable but still nice to gift I think personalised mugs are a really good idea. There are loads of tutorials on DIY sharpie mugs on the internet that can make for super cute presents. Just make sure you’re using the right sharpies and be creative.


For the stocking [linkThis is a good video to watch if you’re looking for fun, inexpensive little presents to give to family members, friends, etc. Fleur and her husband do these Christmas gift guides every year where they recommend gifts for her, him and also do a stocking one. PS- you might want to check it out because in each video they give away all the things they recommend.


Now for a few random (and pretty unique!) present ideas I found and absolutely loved:

✪ The hidden message necklace [linkIt’s lovely because it’s not just jewelry, but personalised jewelry. Pick a special symbol, word or number. Perfect for a mum or a girlfriend.

 Drink coasters [link] These are coasters you can personalise with, let’s say, your best friend’s favorite drink. They’re really fun.

 Personalised soundwave [link] This is a super interesting idea for music lovers out there, or if you want to transform your message to someone into artwork that they can frame.

✪ Phone lens [link] For the friend that’s always taking photos with their phone, I’m sure they’d love to get something like this!




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