Getting ready for Christmas

Hello everyone, how are you all? 😉 I’m here just to send you Painters a quick kiss and a happy and cheerful Sunday for everyone. I’ll be studying and playing video games, which kind of sounds like a perfect day actually (not the study part but let’s try to ignore that). Have you guys went to Black Friday? It’s not that common here in Portugal and the brands are still inserting this shopaholic celebration slowly but there were definitely some good prices. I only bought a few books because I had no time to take a look on the clothing ones 😦 Still it was a decent discount and I was happy about it.

This is the outfit I wore during Black Friday – I had a test on that day so I wanted to look cozy and feel it as well. I decided to bring my brown baggy trousers since they are a-ma-zing, my newest ballerinas and a colourful poncho that I’m currently obsessed with! I haven’t been on the mood for formal-ish, structured clothing since classes are pushing a lot from me and all I want is to stay in bed. Since I can’t stay… Well, extremely casual clothing is needed. All my outfits have been more or less like this lately. Lazy, I know!


I wish you all a great day, love you all loads!



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