Paulo criticizing and Luísa judging – review #2

Hello hello, dear painters, how are you doing today?

The weekend is here and to start it the best way possible and to say a proper goodbye to our old good November, we’re bringing to you our second Critical Review. The critical Paulo and the judgemental Luísa are back and nobody and nothing’s safe.

Last month we gave our opinion on Adele’s “Hello” and today we’re going from the music industry to the film making one. We are evaluating: “Burnt”, the new Bradley Cooper’s piece of art; adding Sienna Miller to this incredibly talented actor is a path to masterpiece status and that’s precisely what we got.


On that film theatre we experience what a great movie should do to you: send sensations to every single cell of your body. It was mind blowing. We dreamt, we felt every punch, we laugh, we cried and we can also said that we also felt the taste of the very own food in our mouth.

This amazing piece of art, by showing us the insides of the world of the high cuisine, took us to the every chef kitchen with all the stress, franticness and extremeness that it holds. A truly inspiration.


For all of these reasons and even more, we give this intensely beautiful movie a 4 = PMY’s on the edge of perfection medal.


Have you seen this movie? If you had, let us know your personal opinion, it’s important to us. If you haven’t, go watch it as send us your own review. Which films have you been seeing lately? We really want your advice on which moving pictures should we watch next.
Our review is back on the last saturday of December and it’s also going to be the last review, and post, actually, of the year.
However, we’re back on wednesday for our first december post.

See you there. But until wednesday arrives, be you, be sassy, be watching movies.


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