Dealing with acne – My 3 best friends

Hey all, how are you all doing? I hope you’re all great because… TGIF! I know, I know, I’m lame but bear with me! Specially now that exams are coming and I have 0 time for myself. Speaking of time for myself – today I decided to ramble a bit about facial creams! I know, not the most interesting subject to some but it’s definitely a hot topic if you’re into beauty, right? 😉

I suffered from acne in the past- this isn’t a brand new story and it’s now definitely over. I do get some pimples now and then, I practically never have a week where my skin is clean but it’s so much better than acne. Once you had it… well, there’s nothing worse than that when it comes to skin, right? A few pimples are totally bearable, particularly now, since I can finally understand my skin. My skin is combination-oily skin. I have some combination patches but my forehead and parts of my cheeks get really disgusting after some time without washing it. These prodcuts might not work for you but if you have the same type of skin it might be worth giving a try! None of these creams are expensive. 😉

For Small Pimples – Uriage Hyséac A.I.

I use this product when I have some small pimples going on and they are nothing special yet, of course, they need some treatment and care. This cream isn’t aggressive at all and it feels quite natural on your skin – it doesn’t cure instantly but you do feel like it’s getting its job done! I usually use it during good skin periods.

For S.O.S.Benzac 50mg

This product has to be used in a careful way -he basically destroys every bactery your blemished/suffering from acne skin has. It’s quite a strong one and I try not to use it that much because I feel like it sucks all my natural and healthy skin oil. Even though it might seem scary, it’s actually your skin’s best friend! You can see the difference after a few hours – the pimple will have diminished and it will look less red-ish.

For Scarred SkinLa Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + 

Lastly, my newest acquisiton that I’m already obsessed with it! You use this on your scarred skin and it will treat, as in your scars will start to fade away. Obviously it is more of a long treatment and it will take a lot of time but I’ve been using this for 2months and I can see some changes already. My scars seem less superficial and healthier.

That is all for today, Painters! I guess you all know you’re pretty either way, with or without these creams! 😉



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