A day with Luís – DIY friendly coupons

What’s up painters? Welcome back to another “ADL” (yes I like to think of abbreviations, sorry not sorry). This week I’ll continue with the theme of crafting easy things that you can gift to (almost) anyone!

Today, I bring you my attempt at making coupons but not just any coupons either: friendly(ish?) coupons! To start off, you will need a rubber, a ruler, a pen, a pencil, scissors, something to tie stuff up (no duct tape doesn’t count…) and some cardboard (2 sheets of 2 different colors).


  1. Start by measuring your cardboard, we want it to be well divided, right?
  2. Cut through the lines that divide the cardboard and repeat to any other sheet you may need
  3. Start by positioning each piece of cardboard until you feel satisfied with the layout of your soon-to-be coupons. We will need 2 to serve as cover and the rest to serve as coupons – I advise you to use an uneven total of pieces if you are going to mix two colors (I used 13 pieces)
  4. Write all the things you want to do with the person that will receive the coupons; “fancy dinner at McDonalds” for example
  5. After everything is done you just need to organize every piece and bind them together!


See? It’s easy and allows you to be very creative and…daring. Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you next week!

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